Pocket Talk

Improve and optimize your voice notes

PocketTalk Enterprise Pro™ is a powerful digital voice application available for Pocket PC devices with extensive record capabilities to internal memory & add-on memory cards

Are you a doctor, a lawyer, or a student? Or do you ever wish you could record and edit conversations, lectures or meetings at the touch of the button? Do you need an affordable, high quality digital dictation device that actually records for a long time? PocketTalk Enterprise Pro™ is the digital voice management solution for you. It allows for extensive recording, editing and file management capabilities while providing phone quality playback.

PocketTalk Enterprise Pro™ is supported on Pocket PC operating environment. The enhanced user interface moves in a traditional Window System interface that is easy to use and familiar to users of other environments. The software and user interface also boast powerful features such as:

  • Optimization for business and for use with voice to text software
  • Enhanced voice recording for Pocket PCs
  • Quality voice at very low data rates (Files are very small)
  • Well suited for the hand held and wireless infrastructures
  • Provides advanced editing and usability features
  • Enables efficient emailing of voice recordings
  • Intuitive Pocket PC interface
  • Customizable index points
  • Insertion of audio
  • Delete portions of audio
  • File organization (nearly unlimited folders)
  • Adjustable fast-forward, rewind and compression
  • Adjustable microphone gain
  • Adjustable speaker volume
  • One touch recording with iPAQ
  • Review while recording
  • Voice alarms
  • Recording directly to internal memory or add-on memory cards.
  • Screen off feature for power saving
  • Plays any wav files that are OS codec supported
  • Converting MCF files to Web-Access Exe (SFX) format: Creates a compressed executable file that stores the entire MCF file and a small portion of self-extracting code

Pocket Talk


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